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New This Week

Fall 2014 Events

December 10—DFF membership meeting

October 17—DFF Board Meeting

December 25 - Christmas

January 1, 2015  - Annual Opening Day at the Mokelumne

January 10, 2015—Lower Yuba outing

January 14, 2015—General Membership Meeting

January 21, 2015– DFF Board Meeting

January 24, 2015—Annual Installation Dinner

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In The News

New Years at the Moke, The Yuba Outing and the Installation Dinner

January 1st is quickly approaching and that means the Delta Fly Fishers will be meeting at Van Assen Park for the annual Mokelumne River outing.  John Highsmith has volunteered to be this year's fishmeister. John has had good success fishing the Moke the past few years or should I say his fishing partner Jason Stapleton has!!!  From what I hear, Jason lets John reel in some of the fish!!  The recent rain storms are encouraging and may provide better fishing conditions than the past couple of years.  Fly fishers will be targeting resident rainbow and steelhead.  The salmon run has been good, which  means  the steelhead should be following them in good numbers.  Equipment should consist of 4-7 wt rods, floating or intermediate lines, and 9 ft tapered leaders of 3x-5x.  Effective flies are glo bugs, alevin patterns, attractor nymphs, mayfly/caddis nymphs, and olive/black buggers.  Indicator fishing or swinging flies are the most productive methods, but if conditions are right, a blue winged olive hatch may occur and dry fly fishing is a possibility.
The group will meet in the parking lot of Van Assen Park at 8:00 AM, rain or shine!  Look for the DFF banner and the aroma of hot coffee and doughnuts.  Earl Summers, Larry Schmidt, and Jim Rich will be manning the food booth.  Even if you don't plan on fishing, stop by for some story telling and fellowship.  For more information contact John at 369-3251.  In order to participate, be sure you have signed the Release, Waiver of Liability Form.  One was sent with the last newsletter so you can sign it and bring it to the outing.  What a great way to kick off the New Year---and I don't mean football!!
Also, December 15 is the deadline for signing up for the January 10 Yuba River Outing.  Please contact fishmeister Bob Fujimura at 339-0683 to get on the list.  More details about the outing will be forthcoming.
Finally, you should have received the 2015 Annual Dinner packet in the mail.  Be sure to fill out the form and mail your check.  Your order must be received no later than January 12, 2015.  No dinner tickets will be sold at the door.  Should be a great evening of food and fun!

Happy Holidays to All.  Steve




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