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Fall 2015 Events

September 7, Labor Day

September 9, General Membership meeing, John R. Williams School

September16, DFF Board Meeting

September 23-27 Bridgeport Outing

October 14, Annual Potluck

October 17-18, Lower Sac Outing

October 21, DFF Board Meeting

The date for the outing to  Bridgeport is being changed at the request of long time outing leader, Don Gillett.  The new dates will be September 23 to September 27.  Don says the traditional potluck will be held on Saturday the 26th.  \

In The News

 September’s Program: Want to get rid of the winter blues, head down south to Chile

Sebastian Galilea is owner and manager of Cinco Rios Lodge and Estancia del Zorro, Coyhaique Chile. Sebastian is a native Chilean, born into a family with long and rich ranching history in the Patagonia regions of Chile and Argentina, raising both sheep and beef.  One of those Estancias - Estancia del Zorro - located about twenty-five miles east of Coyhaique, is home to the fabled Zorro Spring Creek, which has been visited by many famous fly fishers and written about in the fly-fishing magazines.  Each year, Zorro produces catches of brown trout exceeding 26-inches using surface imitations.  Sebastian has managed Estancia del Zorro for decades and upgraded the lodging and cuisine to five-star standards.

Sebastian recognized the potential of other local waters and proceeded to design, build, and operate a second lodge - Cinco Rios Lodge, located five miles south of Coyhaique.  This new facility is strategically located near the rios and lagunas that made Coyhaique one of the top trout and salmon destinations in all of Patagonia.

Sebastian and his family connections provide Cinco Rios and Estancia del Zorro unique fishing programs.  Private access and well-rested waters are the rule, which make for more productive and peaceful fishing.  The two lodges only employ English-speaking Chilean and Argentinian guides.  The lodges also sponsor youth flyfishing and conservation programs.

Sebastian will describe the fish species, waters, seasons, and flyfishing techniques accessed from his lodges, along with non-fishing recreational activities around Coyhaique.

September's Meeting will take place at the John R. Williams School, 7pm, September 9th. The meeting is open to the  public of course. 

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