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New This Week

Help! Send me info about any events for flyfishers.


The Fly of the Month tying sessions will continue at the Nature ‘Center on the fourth Wednesday of the month The start time for these sessions is 6:30pm, an early start time so everyone can be home about 8:30 or so. The fee for the sessions is $5.00, the cost to cover materials with enough materials for ten tiers. The fly of the month will  be announced at this month's general meeting. If you are a new member this is great time to get to know your fellow club members. Don’t worry about the skill level. Help available.

In The News

Summer Outings


The speaker for our december meeting was Brian Endlich. He spoke on the fishing the Trinity River for steelhead. He recommended the swing method both with and without indicators. As a bonus he discussed the different types of spey and switch rods and the specialized lines and heads for these rods. He brought sample flies and I was most interested in the 'tube' flies. The fly is tied on a short piece coffee stirrer size tube. This allow the fly tippet to pass through the fly and the hook to trail the fly. So, hook  size and style can be changed to fit conditions. Thank You Brian!

Many club members are at the club annual outing in Bridgeport. This area offers several lakes, two rivers(streams anywhere but california), and many small mountain streams. The weather seems cooperative so it should be a great event. If you want to drive up for one day, the group is at Robinson Creek campground. Passes are open for 88 and 108 snd no snow to make driving difficult.

The delta water temperature is still warm so black bass are active and some stripers are coming in. Jerry Neuberger reports fishing topwater in early mornings and doing well.

If you have suggestions for outings contact Steve Von Berg or attend one of the directors meetings.

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