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Winter 2015 Events

The Fly of the Month tying sessions will continue at the Nature ‘Center on the fourth Wednesday of the month The start time for these sessions is 6:30pm, an early start time so everyone can be home about 8:30 or so. The fee for the sessions is $5.00, the cost to cover materials with enough materials for ten tiers. The fly of the month will  be announced at this month's general meeting. If you are a new member this is great time to get to know your fellow club members. Don’t worry about the skill level. Help available.

In The News

Kelsey Outing 2016

From Great Expectations to Gone with the Wind


As with all fishing trips, there is always the anticipation (expectations) of a great day of fishing, and the Kelsey Outing would be no different.  The problem being----there was mostly fishing and very little catching on this outing.  The day started off beautifully, light  winds and the promise of a good bite.  In fact, Grady Lee fished Kelsey on Wednesday and caught 27 bass ---all sub-surface.   We all had hopes of such a day on the outing!  However, for those of us who fished on Saturday, the fishing never really materialized.  Of the twenty or so anglers on the water, about a third did not land a fish!!   At lunch we learned the high rod was six, with several anglers catching only two to three.  By day’s end,  most anglers had caught two to seven bass.   What went wrong????  

First off, a storm front had moved through on Friday, cooling the water and air temps, making insect activity almost non existent.  Many of the areas that usually provide action were just not productive.  Prime tule berms, lily pads and brush piles held fish, but the fish were just not very cooperative.  However, bass were still caught,  specifically on the south end of the lake in the morning, in the coves on the north end of the lake, and the flats on the east side.  Afternoon fishing was about the same, with most fish being taken sub-surface, but bass were caught on top water poppers and gurglers.  Some of the fish were in the 18” to 20” bracket---probably 4 to 5 pounds---very nice bass, indeed!  

Secondly, the wind reared its ugly head about 10:00.  Initially, it was only breezy.  However, by the time we finished, the sustained winds were between 15 to 20 mph, with higher gusts, sometimes creating small white caps on the lake!  For those without gas or electric motors, paddling around the lake became very difficult.  Some anglers left after lunch or early in the afternoon while others walked the banks.  Some hearty souls ventured onto the lake for the late afternoon and early evening bite, but with little success.   The wind did not subside so I was gone with the wind before the evening bite started.  Mike Souza and Randy Viglionzone stayed until dark---and it paid off.  They reported catching several really nice bass on top water after the sun set!!  Persistence paid off for them.

Finally, remember, that’s why it is called fishing and not catching---there are always a few days like this to make up for those great days of catching we all have. Finally, fishermen and women are eternal optimists---if we weren’t,  we would never go FISHING!  And with that being said, I already have great expectations for next year’s Kelsey Outing---without the menacing winds!!!

I would be remiss without thanking outing leader, Al Smatsky for setting up the trip and providing his usual great shore lunch---it was definitely the highlight of the day! Now, if Al could could only influence the weather gods!!!!!

Have a nice week. Steve

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