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The February issue of RX Fly Fishing is on the newsstands.

Winter 2015 Events

The Fly of the Month tying sessions will continue at the Nature ‘Center on the fourth Wednesday of the month The start time for these sessions is 6:30pm, an early start time so everyone can be home about 8:30 or so. The fee for the sessions is $5.00, the cost to cover materials with enough materials for ten tiers. The fly of the month will  be announced at this month's general meeting. If you are a new member this is great time to get to know your fellow club members. Don’t worry about the skill level. Help available.

In The News

Summer Outings


This is the time for vacations and outrageous heat in the valley. Sierra lakes have water and some of the streams are still cold enough for trout.  Our most recent outing at Spicer Resevoir was only attended by Dena Mason and Sam Thompson. They reported no action in the resevoir, but some rising fish in the afterbay. They caught a few on dries, but aren't telling which fly.  Dan McDaniel was in Europe, Steve VanBerg in Alaska, Marty Kjelson in Alaska, and I'm sure others are all over the map.  I'm jealous! We have an Mokelume River cleanup planned soon, an outing coming up in Bridgeport, and an outing in Redding for the Lower Sac.  Right now there are a dozen streams within three hours and they have water. Better take advantage this year as next year might be back to drought. The delta is hot for black bass and bluegills. How about the streams around Arnold or the Lower Stanislaus at Caswell park, the Mokelumne below Comanche the Calverous below Hogan, or the Merced near Snelling.  Might not be the best for trophy trout, but a mix of rainbows, brook, smallmouth bass.

Please send me ideas and fishing reports.  

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