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New This Week

April 14, 2014 - First, if you attended the Kelsey outing and forgot your fins, please contact Al Smatsky to identify and claim (209-601-0819).   I knew there were more "mishaps"!   Also,  I am in the market for force fins (or one) in size XL.  Lost one of mine about two weeks ago. Steve at (209-327-6161)!  This is my own 'circumstances beyond my control" incident!

Secondly, Al Smatsky has a 14 ft fiber glass canoe that would be perfect for fishing.  It is quite stable but needs a little TLC.  Free to someone who would use it.  Contact Al at his number listed above.

Finally, we still have one seat available for the shad outing on June 1.  We would like to fill the seat with a DFF'er by April 16.  Cost is $150 for a full day of guided fishing, which includes a lunch.  Email me or call 209-327-6161 to secure the seat.

Don't forget---we have a board meeting on Wednesday the 16th.   Steve

April  2014 Events

April 9, 2014. DFF Membership meeting, John R. Williams School
April 12, 2014 Kelsey Bass Ranch Outing
April 16, 2014 DFF Board Meeting, Nature Center, Oak Grove Park
May 3, 2014 One Fly Contest, White Pines Lake
May 15-18, 2014 Davis Lake Outing

The April Issue of Rx Fly Fishing! is now on the news stands

Future Outings

Shad fishing on the Sac, June 1st

Only one spot left!!!  If you want to go on this trip drop a check off at this week's board meeting

The club has secured 12 seats with Orland Outfitters for our annual shad trip on the Sac, Sunday, June 1st. 10 members have already signed up and we have only two seats left. The club has paid for the seats and can only hold them until this month’s board meeting, April  16th. The trip is  bargin at $150 for a full day of guided fly fishing for shad, “the poor man’s tarpon”, a jet boar ride up and back on the Sac and and a full day of cooked snacks, a barbecue chicken dinner and the great fellowship of being part of the Delta Fly Fishers.

The day’s fishing starts at 11:30 at the Hamilton City boat ramp and ends about 8-8:30 that evening, time enough to get home before midnight.

In The News

May's Program: Davis Lake

by Al Smatsky
Lake Davis in Eastern Plumas County is considered to be one of best still waters in Northern California and the West. The abundance of shallow flats, fertile weed beds, and prolific aquatic insect hatches makes this lake perfect for fly anglers. The current state of the lake is as healthy as it was before the two treatments to rid the waters of Northern Pike that were illegally introduced in the mid-nineties.

Jon Baiocchi will present his extremely popular power point presentation explaining access areas, entomology, gear requirements, specialized techniques, tactics, and how the fly angler approaches the different seasons. Vibrant colorful photographs, maps, and diagrams gives the audience a clear understanding of this awesome still water. Insider tips and current information will also be shared like the new Hexagenia mayfly hatch, and the increasing populations of snails that are finally making a comeback resulting in bigger fish. If you like to fish Lake Davis this will be a presentation you do not want to miss!

The program will be presented on May 14th, 7::30pm, at the John R. Williams School, on Meadow Drive, Stockton. The public and future members cordially invited.

One Fly Contest: White Pines Lake, May 3rd

By Robert Fujimura
Come see Delta Fly Fishers anglers vie for continued dominance at this friendly fishing competition hosted by the Calaveras Fly Fishers annually.  Always held at White Pines Lake near the community of Arnold just a short distance from Highway 4 (see map).

This event is a lot of fun and well-attended by DFF members of various skill levels.  The lake is a relatively small and no motorized crafts are allowed on this lake making it a very beginner-friendly and a good learning situation for basic still water fishing.  If the lake has been recently stocked, this can be an excellent location for easy fishing for novice anglers.  Wild and hold-over trout can also provide more challenging angling for more skilled fishers.

The event will be similar to previous years.  After registering fly fishers have the morning to catch either the largest fish or the most trout with a single fly.  The contestant fee ($25) includes a great lunch serving BBQ tri-tip sandwiches, side dishes, soft drinks, and dessert.  Funds from the event go to a local education fund.

If you are interested in attending this event, please contact Bob Fujimura at deltaflyfishers@gmail.com or (209) 339-0683 by April 29.  The Calaveras Fly Fishers need a head-count of members who are coming so they can have plenty of food for lunch.  More information on this event later this month.

Kelsey Bass Ranch Outing a major success

by Steve vonBerg
Bright skies and constant winds challenged over twenty Delta Fly Fishers on Saturday.   Fish were caught, using poppers, gurglers, leeches, buggers, red riders, and small cinnamon damsel nymphs.   The morning fishing seemed to be better as the winds picked up in the afternoon.   Though most fly fishers stayed on the larger lake, several ventured to other ponds on the property.   In fact, Karen Keagey and Jean Fujimura, using clousers and buggers, caught 15 on a smaller impoundment.  Great job ladies!  Now we know why John and Bob stayed home!

Every outing has its minor mishaps.   One pair (to remain unnamed) had to retie a pontoon that loosened  while  on Hwy 99, another ran out of battery crossing the lake, and one fly fisher had a bottom fall from his pontoon boat as he was loading (can't personally confirm)!  

Without doubt, the highlight of the day was Al Smatsky's outstanding lunch.  Al (and Kathy) prepared chicken, pork shoulder, sausage, and salad, with pies for dessert.  Lunch provided an opportunity for fellowship, story telling, and advice from "experts" on flies and techniques.  Al, thanks for being such a great fishmeister and host.  This is an annual outing and you should plan on going next year.  If you would like to fish Kelsey anytime during the year, contact Al at (209-601-0819) for details.


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