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In The News

Several members participated in the Trout Fest for kis at Mocasin Creek Hatchery. Dena Mason, Amy Terra, Karen and John Keagy manned booths, helped kids catch fish and answered questions. As an aside, Mocasin creek was blown out of its banks.


Trout season closed until fourth Saturday in May. So the Mokelumne and Calveras are closed until then. So much water booming out that fishing may be difficult and wading or drifting impossible. The Stanislaus river does allow trout fishing now but the flow is about 2500 cfs. The Sacramento is running 10,000+ but some guides are reporting good fishing with many hookups. The American allows fishing now but flows are high. Feather river allows fishing now, high flows and muddy. Yuba river allows fishing now, water high, some guides are reporting that they have drifted from highway 20 bridge to Sycamore with mixed results.


Local lakes are open and have lots of water. Rancho Seco, Amador, Comanche, Hogan, Pardee, New Melones, Salt Springs Valley, Modesto Resevoir, Woodward Resevoir are all available. CFSG has been stocking some very heavily others not at all. Check their websites.


The Delta is producing stripers and club members are showing a few legal fish with a lot of short fish. Black bass are getting active as the water warms. Water is clear or muddy depending on location. The Southern Delta is still closed to boating due to high water.I have been unable to deetermine if the


Kelsey Bass Ranch outing is this weekend, April 22. This is a private 100+ acre lake with lots of bass. Excellent lunch is included. Contact Al Smatsky at 209-601-0819 so they can include you in the food prep. This lake can be fished from bank and or wading. Easier with some kind of flotation. It gets very windy about lunch time so go early. Take equipment that will punch through wind. Dragonfly nymphs, woolies, red rider leaches have all worked well. A gurgler sometimes has been very good on top in weeds depending on fishes attitude.


EBMUD is having a free kids fishing day at Comanche South Shore this weekend. They could use volunteers. Contact Karen Keagy at 209-359-5690 for information. Drive past the pond and find Ranger Scott.  He has some identification for you all and will brief you on what to do.  He also has handouts for volunteers. The event should be over by 2:00 P.M. Karen will forward your name to Ranger Scott.


The One fly contest is coming on May 6th. Get ready to defend the club's honor. It is a great event, great lunch, lake is stocked, and profits go to a scholarship fund. Contact Bob Fujimura by April 29th if you are going to attend.


Pyramid Lake outing is iffy at this point. Jerry Neuberger and Charlie Reames wer chairing but other obligations and bad weather predictions may cancel this outng.

Contact Charlie at 209-642-6704 or Jerry at 327-5993 for more information


There will be a swap meet at the May meeting. Swap meet starts at 6:15 and regular meeting will start at 7:15. Bring unused equipment, flies, apparel and anything else fishing or outdoor related.






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