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Discovery Bay: The Beef Stew Was Delicious

January 19, 2013 Discovery Bay - And that's about the best that can be said for this outing as far as the fishing was concerned! While the day started off a little chilly with some gazing hesitantly at the water before pulling on waders and gearing up, hopes were high. Rumors existed that a few fish were being caught in the bay and while not considered red hot, expectations for the day were positive.

Bruce and Sallye Rollans with assists from other club members including Earl Summers, Bob and Jean Fujimura and Larry Schmidt, set up the Delta Fly Fishers pavilion and soon had hot coffee and Danish ready for the 20 or so DFFers that showed up for the outing. The early morning fog had lifted and the sun shined brightly on the crew as they assembled their pontoon boats or launched their boats down the launch ramp.

By 8:30am a mosquito fleet could be seen in the area of the launch ramp with fly rods waving back and forth and fly lines shooting out to different areas of the many coves. Those in sturdier craft motored around to the north and west sides of the bay looking for fish. However, although the anglers worked hard to bring a few fish to the net, only two, a 14 and 16 incher were reported as being caught, one by Joe Balderston and the other by Mark DeLaBarre.

Around noon the crowds started to assemble at the staging area, some rowing and some powering back to the docks and launch ramp. Bruce and Sallye had their home made beef stew hot and ready to serve, along with generous slices of sour dough bread, some Cabernet Sauvignon in picnic crystal, and Biscotti and cookies for dessert.

With the fishing being so slow, most club members lingered around the lunch area, trading fish stories and exchanging plans for fishing excursions in the coming year. Bob Fujimura called the clan together for a group picture, some documentation of a good effort on a slow fishing day. A few members returned to the water after lunch but most packed up and headed home.

Discovery Bay had the reputation of a great winter fishery in years past with boils of stripers chasing threadfin shad all around the launch ramp area. However, as the recent fish survey reports verify, the threadfin shad population has diminished drastically in the delta along with the striper population. With almost no baitfish in the bay, the few stripers in the system have no reason to cruise the waterway. The outing schedule calls for a second outing to this fishery on December  7th of this year. That idea will probably be revisited at one of the future board meetings and a change made unless a sudden upturn  in the fishery is evident.

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