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A quick update on the Marty Kjelson Fishing Tournament

By Gil Parker
I play golf with Marty on a pretty regular basis now and I would characterize his golf game as what I call "A Grinder!"  He's a little focused!  I haven't fish with Marty but I have a feeling his fishing style might be in the same vain.  So Marty has been working on me to pair up with a member and come fish Meadow Lake in his Paddle boat.  It was kind of a grind if you know what I mean.  It could easily be related to your wife asking you to do something that your not really ready to do right away.

Well, my problems were solved, when John Keagy stepped up and volunteered to team up with the new guy. We met yesterday and headed out on the paddle boat.  
It's a little windy.  Check that  ... it was just short of small boat warnings.  At the dock, John informs me can't swim.  Immediately, I imagine the club reading about us in the Stockton Record.  But the Grinder again reminds us that the lake is suppose to only be 3 ft deep, nothing to worry about.  Mean while I am standing on the dock holding my hat on my head with eyeballs as big as door knobs.

After a small exercise in agility getting in the boat, we paddled to the shelter side of the lake.  We managed to catch a couple bass and a couple blue gill perch, with John catching a nice bass? And had one monster that got away.  We theorized it was a BIG cat fish because I couldn't get it to the surface before my superior knot  snapped.  You know that's a BIG fish.

The moral of this story is even the reluctant fisherman can have fun if he just get's off his lazy can  and goes fishing.  John was great fish partner and it was so easy to get on the water and do what I am really enthused about, fly fishing.   Get a hold of the Grinder and go have some fun.

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