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DFF members turn out in numbers to support SJ County Parks and Rec’s Bob McMillan Trout Bout

February 2, 2013 Oak Grove Park -- Over a dozen DFF members turned out to lend a hand to San Joaquin County Parks and Rec Bob McMillan Trout Bout at Oak Grove Park. The event drew well over 600 participants from families with tiny tots in strollers through senior citizens.

The club members took on the various tasks of registration, snack bar and award weigh ins as the day progressed. Steve Cooper was in charge of the morning's crew but they needed little direction. Herman Spalinger, Harv Hamlin, Charlie Reames, Rich Greene, and Bill Laughlin got things going early. Mark DeLaBarre worked the registration desk, Joe Balderston and John Highsmith tied demonstration flies, Jason Stapleton was available with the club's checkbook. Grady Lee and Earl Summers filled in as needed, and Jerry Neuburger showed up to take pictures.  With such a veteran crew, the day's chores were made to look effortless.

A photo album of some of the day's activities follows. Photos by Herman Spalinger and Jerry Neuburger.





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