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Secrets of the Yuba

Keith Kaneko with Bruce's best fish of the day on the Yuba. Photo by Bruce Rollans
February 12, 2013 -- Bruce and Sallye Rollans fished the Yuba in the vicinity of Highway 20 with Keith Kaneko with some outstanding success on Monday. Here's what Bruce reports, " We nymphed from the boat all day using 6 wt. rods and Rio Nymph Lines.  Our leaders were either 9' or 11' depending upon where we were fishing.  Most of 32 fish we brought to the boat were in runs between 6' and 8'.  We used a 2 fly rig; top fly was a 10 mm plastic bead from troutbeads.com in the color called Natural Roe ( Fly Shop in Redding carries them).  They are an orange color, not pink, purple or red.  The bottom fly was usually a pink colored Copper John, size 14. Sallye did catch one trout on a nymph called Eng Thing, also available at the Fly Shop.  We took dry fly rods, but did not break them out as we had a cold North wind most of the day and the Skwalas just were not coming off. If Saturday is warm without wind there should be a stone fly hatch with some dry fly fishing.  If so, the bigger fish should be up out of the deeper runs close to the bank waiting for the stone flies to fall into the water from the willows. 

Of the fish we brought to the boat, about one third were steelhead, mostly 1/2 pounders and the
rest were resident rainbows.  The best fish of the day, mine for a change, was a 22 inch steelhead."


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