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Later reports add to the list of successful anglers...

Jason saves the club's honor on the New Year's Day Moke outing

One of Jason's two fish in beautiful Technicolor. Click on image for larger photo. Photo by Jason Stapleton 

January 1, 2013 - Van Assen Park, Clements -- The Mokelumne wore its stingy face on opening day, with the fishing tough except for Jason Stapleton. While most of the crew were filling their faces with donuts washed down with coffee, Jason was on the water working the main current of the river drifting an indicator through the near seam. He picked up two trout/steelhead in the morning's fishing, both about 15 inches, showing their brightest rainbow colors.

Others working the river, including Joe Balderston, Bob Fujimura, John Highsmith and Mike Okazaki, didn't have as much luck although they were planning to go back after lunch to give the river another chance to produce.

Early arrivers Earl Summers, Bruce and Sallye Rollans, Larry Schmidt Rick Greene, Mark DeLaBarre and Bill Laughlin helped set up "camp" on the edge of the main parking lot and soon lured a crowd with boxes of donuts and jugs of coffee. At least 25 club members filtered through the hospitality tent as the day progressed. About 11am Earl Summers started heating up the chili portion of the day's main course, and shortly thereafter Jim Rich fired up the gas barbecue to cook the Polish sausages.

Fish stories of the year past and plans for the coming year abounded as the hungry hoard downed their food. It seemed in some cases that the number and size of fish had grown considerably since the stories of the previous year were first told.

The tent and club banner drew a number of visitors during the day, especially since the weather was bright and sunny and the crowds were out fishing the river. The two parking lots closest to the dam were clogged with cars and at least four dozen anglers, most with spinning rods, could be seen working the riffles and bait fishing the pools. At least one person joined the club and others paid Charlie Reames for their plates at the annual dinner.

Later reports indicate that Joe Balderston was successful with four fish in the afternoon session and possibly others as well as the news filters in.

New Years Day Outing Pictures

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