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The latest word on Pyramid from fishmeister Larry, room reservations and a kick-off Basque dinner

April 9, 2013 - Larry Mettler provides these words of guidance for those planning to attend the outing. The information covers the outing dates, hotel reservations and a Tuesday dinner at Louie's Basque restaurant.

A kick off dinner is planned for Tuesday at 5:30pm at Louie's, a Basque restaurant in Sparks. Those wishing to attend can either meet at the restaurant, or if staying at the Nugget, be driven by the free shuttle service. The dinner is an RSVP affair, please call Larry if you plan to attend. Larry's cell is 209-481-6478

Larry has also arranged hotel accommodations at the Nugget for those that wish to commute to the lake rather than camp lakeside. The cost per room is estimated at $59, double occupancy, or about $30 per person. The rooms are available from Tuesday night through Saturday night. Rather than give out the discount code on line, Larry asks that you call him on his cell for the information. Again, Larry's cell is 209-481-6478

Larry plans to arrive Tuesday, fish Wednesday and Thursday morning and head home that night. However, those that can't meet that schedule but need accommodations are encouraged to take advantage of Larry's arrangements with the Nugget.

A sign up sheet for the outing will be available at the April 10th general membership meeting.

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