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Doug Ridgway exposes camera techniques to produce better photos

Doug covering some of the finer techniques. Photo by Herman Spalinger
February 13, 2013 Stockton CA -- Seven year member Doug Ridgway spoke to our club on tips to think about when taking photographs with digital cameras from the point-and-shoot camera all the way up to DSLR's pushing the envelope in price.  Things to keep in mind while taking your picture - no matter what camera you have - is background, don't get too much background in the way of your main reason for the photo.  Get up closer or change the angle of the photo while framing your shot.  The less the background distractions the better the focus on the main subject.  Use a low ISO setting for sharper photos in bright sunlight.  Keep in mind low light can cause blurriness at low ISO settings when the camera automatically sets the shutter speed slower for its best exposure.  The higher ISO setting is for lower light situations like near sunset or late evening photos. An ISO over 800 will show a lot of "noise" or graininess.

If you're trying to shoot an action shot or fast-moving kids, hold the shutter button down half way so the camera can do its "thing" like exposure, etc, then keep pointing the camera at your "action" shot and when you see what you want press the shutter button the rest of the way.  Doing this gives you a faster shutter response so you don't lose the shot while the camera does its adjusting prior to releasing the shutter.

Basically there were good points we all can use that Doug mentioned despite whatever digital camera you are holding.  Most members present came away with some things to think about while using your camera, but one of the most important is read your camera's manual so you know how your camera responds to different situations.

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