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Our Mission

Delta Fly Fishers Inc. is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation organized for public and charitable purposes. These purposes and goals are as follows:

Foster and pursue habitat conservation and the preservation of fish in our streams and lakes.

Furtherance of the art of fly fishing by presenting educational programs and teaching the techniques and ethics of fly fishing and the practice of catch and release.

Emphasizing conservation issues with focus on protection, preservation and restoration.

Monitoring local waters and bringing to the attention of the public and governmental agencies issues which threaten the conservation and protection of fish.

Actively participate in restoration projects through donations of time and monies.

Mailing Address

Delta Fly Fishers Inc.
PO Box 77862
Stockton, CA 95207-7862

2016 Officers

President:Gil Parker
Secretary:Karen Keagy
Treasurer:Jason Stapleton

2016 Directors

Tim Costello

Ron Forbes

Bob Fujimura

Karen Keagy

Dena Mason

Mike Nicholson

Larry Schmidt

Sam Thompson

 Steve VonBerg

Committee Chairs

Education: Dena Mason
Conservation, NCCFFF:Ron Forbes
Property/Historian: Charlie Reames
Membership:Bob Fujimura
Outings: Steve VonBerg
Publicity:Steve VonBerg
Programs:Al Smatsky/Bob Sousa
June Catfish Derby: Karen and John Keagy
November Trout Bout:Charlie Reames
March Trout Bout:Charlie Reames
Fishing Mentor Programs: Tim Costello
Webmaster: John Keagy

Past Presidents

Marty Kjelson2011-2013

Herman Spalinger 2011
Stephen Johnson 2009-2011

Herman Spalinger 2007 & 2008
Marilyn Mowry 2005 & 2006
Steve Cooper 2003 & 2004
Steve Von Berg 2002
Duane Martin 2000 & 2001
Robert E. Laubengayer 1999
Don Gillet 1998
Dan McDaniel 1997
John Squires 1996
Don Dilley 1995
Lee Rivers 1994
Gene Johnson 1993
Gene Takeuchi 1992
Jerry Neuberger 1991
Clint Adams 1990
Toby Trezona 1989
Bill McKee 1988
John Nilmeyer 1987
George Lozano 1986
Al Smatsky 1984 & 1985
R. J. Carter 1982 & 1983
John Fanucchi 1980 & 1981
Leo Gutterres 1979
Gene Takeuchi 1977 & 1978
Pat Klein 1976

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