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Article Index

A table of miscellaneous articles that have appeared on the website, starting in November, 2011. The month designation after the article titles below indicates the month they appeared on the website. Most of these articles should be searchable using the Google Custom Search Box on the Home Page.

Note: Conservation articles, Fly of the Month articles and Newsletters are indexed separately on the Conservation page, the Fly of the Month page and the Newsletter page.


Jason saves the club's honor on the New Year's Day Moke outing (Jan)
Expert angler Joe Balderston amazes novice fishers on Yuba outing (Jan)
Don't miss out! Only two weeks left to buy tickets to the DFF annual... (Jan)
Special guest to attend the DFF annual dinner (Jan)
Doug Ridgeway to speak on enhancing your outdoor experiences through photography at February 13th meeting(Jan)
A spoke in Northern California's wheel of fly fishing has certainly broken with the passing of Bill Carnazzo (Jan)
Discovery Bay: The Beef Stew Was Delicious (Jan)
Changing of the guard at DFF annual dinner takes place to a full house (Jan)
Bob McMillan Trout Bout February 2nd, your hands are needed (Jan)
DFF members turn out in numbers to support SJ County Parks and Rec’s Bob McMillan Trout Bout (Feb)
Secrets of the Yuba (Feb)
Doug Ridgway exposes camera techniques to produce better photos (Feb)
March 13th Program features Ken Hanley, Fishing the Surf Zone!(Feb)
March 9th Outing: Drifting the American (Feb)
Leo Gutterres to speak on fishing farm pond bass at April 10th meeting(Mar)
Our Annual Kelsey Bass Ranch Outing will be held on Saturday April 20th, 2013(Apr)
The Pyramid Lake outing, April 23-28, it’s no coincidence this lake is in Nevada, the gambling state (Apr)
The latest word on Pyramid from fishmeister Larry, room reservations and a kick-off Basque dinner (Apr)
May's speaker to cover Lower Sac (Apr)
A quick update on the Marty Kjelson Fishing Tournament (May)


1st Annual DFF Jet Boat Shad Adventure PDF (Jan)
DFF Kelsey Bass Ranch Outing, April 7th (Jan)
Lend a hand at this spring's Bob McMillan Memorial Trout Bout (Jan)

A different kind of outing: Let’s go to the movies (Feb)
The Fish and Game Commission will hold a hearing on the DFG's... (Feb)
Lower Yuba River UCD Field Station (private access) Outing (Mar)
Members of the California delegation that voted yes on HR 1837 (Mar)
Fishing Top Water For Largemouth On A Three Mile Drift Down... (May)
Get Ready for the Delta Fly Fishers Barbecue... June 13th, 6pm.(May)
JBune 3rd and 9th Shad Trip Outing with Orland Outfitters (May)
June 20-24, 2012 Lake Davis Outing (May)
Make your own stripping basket (May)
Going on a fishing trip? Share your photos with the club, friends (and relatives you like!) (June)
Good Company, good food, good weather... the 2012 edition of the Delta Fly Fisher's Annual June Barbecue is a hit! (June)
Get out the old bamboo rods, Antique fishing gear appraisal at Ironstone Vineyards (June)
Damsels, Trout and Wind; Lake Davis can be a fickle place to fly fish (June)
Monterey Bay Kelp Bass Outing, August 25 (June)
Nine DFFers drift the Mokelumne for Largemouth on a very warm day (June)
Shad I: Shad Attack on the Sac (June)
Summer Membership Savings (June)
You don’t have to be a star baby to be in our show! (July)
July is Delta Challenge Month (July)
Join us at the movies! "Over Troubled Waters" to play at the Stockton Empire Theater August 20th, 7:00pm.(August)
Larry Schmidt earns Delta Challenge certificate (August)
One Day A Year Is All The River Asks...(August)
September 2012 Program – Greg Vinci(August)
The Bridgeport Outing... A New Spin On An Old Favorite (August)
A thank you to the Mokelumne Cleanup Volunteers from Bill Ferraro (Sept)
Close to a dozen DFFers show up to help clean up the Mokelumne (Sept)

DFF to play a large part in Stockton's Steelhead Festival (Sept)
Rick Greene & Bob Fujimura earn their Delta Challenge Certificates (Sept)
The "Who brings what" list is out for the October potluck (Sept)

Strange Encounters of the Fly Fishing Kind (Sept)
The Bridgeport/Mammoth Outing: nothing left but the memories, photos and a few fish tales (Sept)
Stockton's Second Annual Steelhead Festival (Sept)
Land of the Giant Brookies (Oct)
Rainbows from Redding (Oct)
DFF turns out in force for Stockton Steelhead Festival (Oct)
The October 27th Steelhead Outing on the Feather looks to be a go! (Oct)
The October 27th Steelhead Outing on the Feather is a go! (Oct)
2012 O'Neill Forebay Outing (Oct)
The November 10th O'Neill Outing Details are up on the website (Oct)
December is Member night, we need YOU! (Oct)
The Trout Bout's coming November 17. Will you help? (Oct)
EXTRA: Fishmiester scores a steelhead on the Feather River outing (Oct)
O'Neill Forebay, hot for some, cold for others (Nov)
Can you bring a “guest” to an outing? (Nov)
December is Members’ Program Night (Nov)
Rain doesn't deter Trout Bout crowd (Nov)
Board meeting results in new club treasurer (Nov)
The annual dinner is only a month away, do you have your tickets yet? (Dec)
Where we were going to fish on December 1st! (Dec)
Ron Forbes reports on the Mokelumne hatchery salmon count (Dec)
January's speaker from U.S. Fish and Wildlife will speak on Central Valley salmon and the obstacles they face in reaching spawning gravel (Dec)
Year's last board meeting produces some big decisions for 2013 (Dec)
Gigantic Raffle and Silent Auction at annual dinner to be Bill Laughlin’s swan song as Raffle Chair(Dec)
Member directory to be sent out February 1st (Dec)

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