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 Fly of the Month tying sessions

The Fly of the Month tying sessions are limited to 10 tiers plus one instructor. The cost is $3.00 per session. Participants will receive sufficient tying supplies to tie from six to eight flies during the session. Tying kits are available for those who do not have the tools necessary to participate.

Sign up is on a first come, first served basis. Sign up on-line is available via the club's Facebook page. Simply go to the events section, find the class or event you are interested in and click on the "join" link on the right side of the listed event.

The sessions take place at the Oak Grove Park Nature center on either the first or fourth Wednesday of the month. Start time is 6:30pm. Check the club's calendar and the club's Facebook event page for session dates and fly patterns to be tied.

Getting even more involved...

Want to get more involved with fly tying? Sign up for the Fly Tying Forum, a fly tying bulletin board with over 38,000 members. The site features a fly pattern data base and fly tying videos as well as the opportunity to exchange information with other avid fly tiers.

Fly of the Month Archives

As the archives get older, some of the links will break since most connect to external sites. Just click on the page and cross your fingers.

February 2013 Tim Fox's Beaded PoopahMarch 2013 Leo's Popper
December 2012 Prince Nymph and Sawyer's Pheasant Tail NymphJanuary 2013 Cal Bird's Birds Nest
October 2012 Fall Steelhead fliesNovember 2012 Jerry's Simple Clouser
August 2012 Tying ParachutesSept 2012 Eastern Sierra Flies
June 2012 Brian Chan's Baby Damsel Nymph and Ralph Cutter's Martis Midge EmergerJuly 2012 The Delta Challenger AKA the Crystal Bugger
April 2012 The Pyramid Lake Tadpole and the Pyramid Lake Woolly WormMay 2012 Shad Flies and Darts
February 2012 Hydropsychidae or Net Spinning CaddisMarch 2012 Gartside Gurgler and Dragonfly Nymph
December 2011 Steelhead egg patternsJanuary 2012 Jerry's Simple Clouser and Dan Blanton's Whistler

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