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The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable; a perpetual series of occasions for hope.

- John Buchan

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Leave your mark on the Truckee


The Truckee River Chapter of Trout Unlimited has an event in a few weeks that we are recruiting volunteers for. We will be placing gravel in Prosser Creek to supplement the spawning habitat for Truckee River Rainbows and Browns. Join in to contribute to this great waterway!

Upcoming Events


President's Meeting

August 14th, Oak Grove Nature Center

It’s all about the bugs. The August membership meeting will feature a multimedia show about the most frequently found insects in the Sierras that trout love to eat. Have you ever approached new water, be it a lake or stream and wondered, “Where do I start?” If it’s in the Sierras you’re probably targeting trout. And most trout are insectivores. (They eat insects). So, a basic knowledge of the most common marine insects can be a great help. If it’s a stream, you’ll probably want to wade in and turn a few rocks. If it’s a lake, you’ll want to find the “littoral zone” (where the plants grow) and see if you can find any hatches or surfacing fish. Even if you are unlucky enough to be skunked when doing your basic stream or lake research, a knowledge of the likelihood of finding certain types of “bugs” in the water will help. The program will be presented by the club’s president, Jerry Neuburger and will feature, a PowerPoint presentation of both photos and videos of common Sierra insects and where and when to find them. Handouts will be available as well. The program will take place at the NATURE CENTER, Oak Grove Park, on August 14 at 7:00pm. For those new DFF members who have never been to the park, just mention at the gate that you are a DFF member and you’ll be admitted without a fee. The Nature Center is just to the right of the admission booth. Historically, this meeting draws only a portion of our regular membership so no raffle or refreshments will be offered. Remember, if you haven't paid your dues, you can do so at this meeting and be part of the early bird raffle for the $100 gift certificate from Sportsman’s Warehouse.

Sierra Outing with Sam!

Saturday August 17th

Meet at Lake Alpine off Hwy 4, Saturday 7:30 am. Plan to walk or float along the shore of the lake working towards the dam. Nymphs on floating or intermediate lines for Rainbows or Browns. Sandwiches and soft drinks will be served for lunch. If your planning on going please call Sam Thompson for details or send a message to the webmaster.

Sam is planning on parking in the parking lot right off of Hwy four at the far end of the lake just before you turn off for the Backpackers campground (Photo above). You can see it from an google maps aerial view. From there everyone should be able to walk or find a good place to launch and work the south side of the lake.

Coffee and pastries will be available in the morning!

Board of Directors Meeting

August 21st, 6:30 to 7ish

Oak Grove Park Nature Center

The public is welcome as the board meets to plan and make decisions!

Tulloch Outing

August 25th

Lake Tulloch

14448 Tulloch Dam Rd, Jamestown, CA 95327

The lake can be fished from shore, from small personal watercraft or a boat can be launched. Recommendations from those that have fished Tulloch include being on the water by 5:45. The topwater bite can be very early so if you want to go out before that it’s not a bad idea. As for equipment, this lake has a lot of small fish in it. There are some big fish but there are a ton of fish in this lake. So, a 5wt capable of throwing a small popper or other small topwater flies is a good rod. Streamers would be small white and olive and white. Members have used the “float and fly” technique all the time on this lake and can be some of the most fun action. Fishing from a boat would be nice but small float tube or kayak would be fine. There are even areas where people could bank fish and find fish. Assistance and advice will be at the boat ramp at 5:30 to help people figure things out. We have people who have fished there and are willing to share hot spots to catch. Launch fees are $15 per vehicle on weekends and $10 on weekdays. If you don't have a boat trailer, the price is as above. With a trailer, add $5 for the trailer. No other fees, except for pets. $3 per day per dog. Not interested in bass fishing? Prefer river trout action? Then venture downstream and explore the Stanislaus River if flows are safe- but plan on joining us for lunch after! Drifters Restaurant opens at 11am on Sundays and would be a great place to grab lunch after fishing!

Check out the setup recommended for fishing Tulloch in the picture above.

Brian Pultz has been using this set up on all the rocky lakes around lately and just having a blast. He uses the Delta Bass Bugs Sparkle Bunny to catch the bass and some good ones at that and the Delta Bass Bugs Copper John is the vacuum. If you swim it likes a Copper John then the bluegill and small bass just attack it. 

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One Fly Contest Sweep!

Ron Representing DFF in Style!

Ron Forbes brought home both trophies for DFF by catching the most fish as well as the biggest fish of the day. Ron was bringing fish in from the start of fishing to the close of the contest. Ron generously shared his techniques throughout the day but even with the sharing of strategies, no one was able to come close although many fish were caught throughout the day. Well done Ron!


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