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Lunch on the Mok!

The Mok is one of our closest waters and is well known for big and plenty of fish. Let's frequent one of our home waters with some casual outings.  Join me on February 8th for some fishing, food and fun! Coffee and pastries will be out at 8. Lunch will be served around noon.  Probably some hot soup and grilled sandwiches! Van Assen Day use area parking lot #1. Contact Amy for more information. See you there!

Monthly Membership Meeting

February 12, 7 to 9

John R. Williams School

 Ryan is a full time guide & fly tier, centered in Oroville, with 9 years of guiding experience. He now focuses on the Feather and Sac rivers for trout, steelhead, and stripers, Lake Oroville and Berryessa for Bass, and Clear Lake for both bass and crappie. Ryan is best known for his re-discovering of the Float n’ Fly with the fly rod, and it’s application for stillwater bass during the Winter. Ryan is also the first fly fishing guide to figure out Clear Lake. He’s also been a major proponent of top-water fly fishing on CA’s public reservoirs. Ryan is also the current Costa Bass n’ Fly Champion along with Brian Pultz.

 Ryan now resides right next to Lake Oroville, allowing him to fish as much as he can possibly stand. He is about as passionate about fly fishing as they come, and truly enjoys sharing his information.

Instagram: @_ryancwilliams

YouTube: R.W. Fly Videos


Ryan will be doing a presentation on Crappie/Bass combo trips on Clear Lake. All the crappie information in the presentation applies to bass on Clear Lake, or any lake in general, as the same techniques and flies are used. A good portion of the presentation will focus on the new “Float n’ Fly”, a technique that took off in 2015, now being used all around the state for bass in public reservoirs year round

Flyday Open Tying

5 to 7, February 14th, House of Coffees

Join us for a relaxed and fun night of talking and tying.  The House of Coffees has coffee, tea, craft beer, wine and panini's. Bring your tying stuff and tie or just hang out and share fish stories. This is a fun way to get to know your fellow DFFers! Contact Amy for more information.

Board of Directors

February 19, 6:30 t 7:30 

Oak Grove Nature Center

Come and join the board and officers as they plan for upcoming activities. Open to the public! 

Pleasanton Fly Show

February 21-23rd

Pleasanton Convention Center

Check out the latest in trips and gear at this great fly fishing convention!

Fly of the Month

February 26th, 6 to 7:30

Oak Grove Nature Center

Pyramid Lake is on fire right now and the balanced leech is a great fly to fish there. Join us in tying a balanced leech that would be perfect for Pyramid and other waterways. Only $5 for enough supplies to tie at least 3 flies if not more. Tying tools available to borrow. Contact Amy for more information.

Nor Cal Science Festival

February 29th, 10 to 3

Tokay High School

Join us in this great educational activities. Help kids explore the life cycle and migration of salmon and explore tying flies at this fun hands on day at Tokay High School. Contact Dena for more information.

Bob McMillan Trout Bout

Match 7th, 6 am to 2 pm

Oak Grove Park Boat House

One of our traditional service activities manning the weigh ins and snack bar for this traditional trout bout. Join us as we cook hot dogs, make nachos and weigh in trout! Contact Charlie for more information.

Jon Baiocchi Outings

You asked for it! We arranged it! So many participants of the December tying day asked for a follow up outing with Jon on one of the lakes he presented on at the tying day. We have arranged a summer outing and a fall outing.

The outings are limited to 6 participants. Cost is $150 per angler. Fee is only refundable if the outing is cancelled. You can transfer it to another angler if you are unable to attend. Make your reservation by clicking the link below!

June 1 Outing to Lake Davis

Only 4 openings left for the June outing!

October 24 Outing: Lake TBD

Only one opening left for the October outing!

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