Monthly Meetings

Meeting Locations and Times

General Membership Meetings, Sept. through May

Second Wednesday of the month. 

7:00 pm. John R. Williams School, 2450 Meadow Avenue, Stockton.

Guests are welcome. Most meetings have a program.

DFF Board Meetings

Third Wednesday of the month, 6:30pm, Nature Center, Oak Grove Park, 

All general membership meetings are free to the public. Please come hear our invited speaker, meet our members, and enjoy our latest program. Find out what waters have been productive and preview upcoming club events and activities. Fun raffle at the end of the meeting.

September 2018

Come to the first meeting after the summer break and get caught up with your peers and friends. Our September invited speaker is fly fishing ambassador Ken Hanley who will present a photo presentation highlighting California's diverse wildlife and their habitats thoughout the year. Below is the his description of his talk:

California By The Month (Show Synopsis)

There’s really no reason to hang up your tackle. California has a “peak experience” every month of the year! The Great Golden State is “all access” when it comes to flyrodding from freshwater or saltwater, urban, rural, or wilderness environs. Ken’s show explores the amazing variety of species and habitat each of us can celebrate throughout the year. Expand your horizons and dive into the rewards.

And here is Ken's biography:

Ken has been a fly fishing ambassador since the early 70’s. As a guide and instructor, he’s worked with thousands of students in the field. He was inducted into the FFF Hall of Fame (NCC Chapter) in 2005.

He’s the author of seven fly fishing books. He also writes and photographs for both international and regional publications in the outdoor industry. In addition, his outreach to audiences includes videos celebrating both saltwater & freshwater adventures.

Ken’s extensive field experience spans the globe; from the highest peaks in Tibet and the Himalaya, to the remote wilderness regions of Asia, New Zealand, Mexico, Europe, and North America.

He’s on Pro Staff with the following sponsors; SAGE Instructor, SIMMS, RIO Products Intl, Daiichi, Renzetti, Dr. Slick, Hatch, and Patagonia

October 2018