Monthly Meetings

Meeting Locations and Times


General Membership Meetings, Sept. through May

Second Wednesday of the month. 

7:00 pm. John R. Williams School, 2450 Meadow Avenue, Stockton.

Guests are welcome. Most meetings have a program.

DFF Board Meetings

Third Wednesday of the month, 6:30pm, Nature Center, Oak Grove Park, 

All general membership meetings are free to the public. Please come hear our invited speaker, meet our members, and enjoy our latest program. Find out what waters have been productive and preview upcoming club events and activities. Fun raffle at the end of the meeting.

August 2019


Let's meet at the Nature Center at Oak Grove Park August 14th at 7 pm with the Jerry for the President's meeting.

August 14th, Oak Grove Nature Center

It’s all about the bugs. The August membership meeting will feature a multimedia show about the most frequently found insects in the Sierras that trout love to eat. Have you ever approached new water, be it a lake or stream and wondered, “Where do I start?” If it’s in the Sierras you’re probably targeting trout. And most trout are insectivores. (They eat insects). So, a basic knowledge of the most common marine insects can be a great help. If it’s a stream, you’ll probably want to wade in and turn a few rocks. If it’s a lake, you’ll want to find the “littoral zone” (where the plants grow) and see if you can find any hatches or surfacing fish. Even if you are unlucky enough to be skunked when doing your basic stream or lake research, a knowledge of the likelihood of finding certain types of “bugs” in the water will help. The program will be presented by the club’s president, Jerry Neuburger and will feature, a PowerPoint presentation of both photos and videos of common Sierra insects and where and when to find them. Handouts will be available as well. The program will take place at the NATURE CENTER, Oak Grove Park, on August 14 at 7:00pm. For those new DFF members who have never been to the park, just mention at the gate that you are a DFF member and you’ll be admitted without a fee. The Nature Center is just to the right of the admission booth. Historically, this meeting draws only a portion of our regular membership so no raffle or refreshments will be offered. Remember, if you haven't paid your dues, you can do so at this meeting and be part of the early bird raffle for the $100 gift certificate from Sportsman’s Warehouse.

September 2019


"Steelheading on the Feather"

The Feather River located in Oroville, CA it has a large Fall and Spring run of steelhead. The fishery has been in the news lately due to the wild winter we had in 2017. The river has changed in many ways for the good. The high water has cleaned the slate clean. New spawning gravel has been exposed and side channels have opened up for rearing the small steelhead minnows. The presentation gives a well-rounded view of the river. The lecture portion of this presentation covers history, angling information, access points, fly-fishing techniques and flies. Lance will go into the difference of the Fall run verses the Spring run fish and the different tactics we use for targeting these great fish. A totally new presentation.

Lance & Kirsten Gray

Lance and Kirsten have more than 50 years combined experience in fly fishing. Lance started fly fishing with his father and brother Lincoln at age 7. In his teens, he began tying flies commercially for shops all around Northern California. At 17, he went to work at Powell's in Chico, working in the fly shop and building rods. He guided for Powell’s, conducted fly-tying and fly-fishing schools, and traveled.

In 1993, Lance and Kirsten started Saltwater Innovations, a company that manufactured and distributed products for saltwater fly fishing. Lance’s Crystal Popper, Gray’s Billfish Fly, the KO Charlie line and the Raghead Crabs are all Saltwater Innovations products. Kirsten worked behind the scenes, handling the day-to-day operation running the manufacturing floor of the company.

In 2003 they launched Lance Gray & Company, a full-service outfitter offering guided trips, fly-fishing schools, workshops and a travel agency. Lance conducts presentations at fly clubs and outdoor shows and supports local groups like Cub Scouts and 4H. He's a signature tier for Aqua Flies, pro staff member for Sage and Rio and is a featured writer, with articles published in Angling Trade Magazine, California Fly Fisher, Fly Fishermen and Northwest Fly Fishing.

Kirsten is a fantastic photographer who's had images published in periodicals and on websites throughout the outdoor industry.